Monday, April 10, 2017

"Why have people lost trust in judges?"

Because so many of them say things like this:
In a trenchant critique of the ruling, National Review’s David French wrote that the majority was “relegating lawful gun owners to second-class-citizen status.” While that might sound dramatic, Judge James Wynn admitted as much in a concurrence, declaring that gun owners “forego other constitutional rights,” including freedom from unannounced police intrusion and freedom of speech.
This is such bullshit it shouldn't be allowed near a garden, lest it poison the crop.

Years back an actual Constitutional scholar(unlike our last President) pointed out just how dangerous the 'The 2nd Amendment is only a COLLECTIVE right' crap was for the left to push, because the exact same things could- and would- be used to attack other rights.  This fits right in with that.

And yes, this is from Slate.  Piers Morgan makes sense and now this from them; are the stars in a strange alignment?


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