Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Short version: "How dare anyone pay attention to the stupid things I post!"

Remember this idiot?  Serious butthurt that anyone he doesn't approve of read his crap, and had a problem with it.

You could shorten this to "We're sick of the peasants having powered personal transportation! And this terrorist attack is a good excuse to try to stop that!"

Dammit, all this time I should've been saving up to buy a tank.

What?  ATF agents doing illegal stuff?
Anybody actually surprised?

What’s even more shocking? The ATF refuses to say who authorized the account, despite the account containing a combination of government funds and private money, something that is completely illegal.
Tell the bastards they can talk, or be charged and prosecuted.  AND THEN CHARGE AND PROSECUTE THEM.  Sick to bloody death of slimeballs like this getting away with it.

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