Friday, April 14, 2017

This is enough to piss you off. Badly.

In response to online argument, he further amplified his point:
Either go in to WIN, or don't go in. 

I think Bush actually cared about the troops, but got sucked in to that "We must use minimal force so as not to alienate people" bullshit.  Obama?  Didn't and doesn't give a shit about the troops; to him and his kind they're just pawns on a board, and all of them expendable.  We'll see if the change in attitude dropping the MOAB signals continues.
Watch this Trump statement carefully:
He doesn’t say he authorized the use of the bomb itself. He says he authorizes the military. This is a key, wise, statement — one that hopefully empowers the military to act from a proper position of legal, moral, and political strength. Obama was notorious for not only implementing strict rules of engagement but for vacuuming an enormous amount of military decision-making authority straight to the White House. It’s hard to think of a more disempowering practice. It’s hard to think of a practice better calculated to lead to timidity in the field. Trump seems to be bringing a change, and it’s a change that’s long overdue.

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