Thursday, April 13, 2017

How California Radicalized Average Gun Owners

Mind you, honest gun owners are still being screwed. But it is indeed pissing a lot of people off.
My father lamented that he would be considered a criminal for exercising his rights, that he would be forced to register his firearm that he knew the state didn't want him to own, believing his property would eventually be confiscated if the government knew he owned it.
Then there were people like me, the next generation, who had been told by the state, "you can't buy that, you can't own that, you can't inherit that."
Gun grabbers love telling you, "nobody's going to take your guns". Try telling that to this young adult who just realized, sure, you're not "taking" my guns; you're just making sure I'll never have the liberty to own one in the first place. And sure, you're not "taking" my inheritance; you're just requiring me to sell it to a licensed Dangerous Weapons dealer or remove it from the state.
Long as Californicated is controlled by the leftists in LA and SF, this crap will continue.  Be interesting- probably in a very unpleasant way- to see what the "That's the line" turns out to be.


Jerry The Geek said...

Well, you've taken an important step; acknowledging that "Gun Control" isn't about "guns" at all, but about "Control".

As long as you reside in California (for very good reasons ... except politically, it's a beautiful place to live), you will always be required to adhere to increasingly draconian "Gun Control" laws.

You're not alone; that's the growing trend in most states. When I moved back to Oregon from California a couple of decades ago, I thought I was "safe". Now my native state is emulating California in Constitutional Abridgement, although the Democrats here are a bit more inclined to take "Baby Steps".

I have no good advise to give you. Move if you can ... but where? As citizens in California bow down to these confiscatory measures, other states will realize that they an "get away with" the same impositions on their citizenry.

We are less than a decade away from the point where Registration, and then Confiscation of firearms will be the norm. And nobody important will raise an eyebrow.

Growing old is difficult, but I am personally becoming comforted (in a way) knowing that I'm not likely to find myself living in a country where I am a "Subject" rather than a "Citizen".

skybill said...

'Usta' work for Scurvyirvinscare-o-space and in the early '90's they decided to leave Kalifornia for what they thought were "Greener Pastures" in NC... I went with them as they gave me a one-way ticket from Orange Cty. airport to NC.... I never looked back!!

Phil said...

Washington state is right behind Oregon, which is right behind Commifornia.
They are going to introduce an assault weapons ban here this year and it is a joke looking at what their idea of an assault weapon is.
I already gave them the middle finger and went and bought one first.
I have also always been a firm believer in that what they don't know about makes it difficult to confiscate.