Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bunch of friggin' barbarians

The boy was not seriously hurt, and the accident was not Urton's fault, Deters said Wednesday.

Killings was not watching his 2 and 4-year-old children, he said, and each  wandered into the street. That's when tthe 4-year-old was hit.

Killings immediately went to the car and beat Urton up, knocking him semi-unconscious.

"You would think your first instinct would be to run to your 4-year-old," Deters said. "No, his first instinct was to go to the car, open the door and start beating the driver."

It's even more disturbing what happened next, Deters said.

Baber came out with a gun and yelled at Urton's passenger, telling him "Get out of here, you're black," according to Deters.

Then Baber opened fire, shooting his gun five times. Urton  was shot once and bled to death, Deters said.
Hang the bastard.  And Killings needs his ass handed to him for his part in all this.

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Anonymous said...

FINALLY a race motivated killins.....oh wait; it's black doods against a white dood....and the black dood gots religion.....move along nutten to see here....