Sunday, April 09, 2017

There are people who'll show up at a range less than half an hour before closing,

hear "You'd have less than 30 minutes to shoot", and they'll say "Ok."  And some of the damn near have to be chased off the line when the time comes.

The FN PS90 is an interesting carbine.  It's still in the category of 'Fun to shoot occasionally, but I wouldn't want one.'

There are times I'd like to dig up every old cop and private-eye movie that shows the hero closing a revolver cylinder by flipping their wrist, and burn them. 

And possibly use a club on the idiots who, when you tell them not to do that, get pissy.

Amazing the number of people who'll say "I want to try shooting a 9mm", and get a blank look when you ask "Which one?"  Same thing for .45; lots of people think that means a single firearm, not a whole damned extended family.

I shall now put my feet up for  while.  I'm beat.

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