Monday, April 10, 2017

I'd heard the name Basil Plumley in passing somewhere before;

wish I'd thought to look it up then.
The men of the 7th Cavalry held out valiantly, but ultimately they were still outnumbered five-to-one, deep in enemy territory, and completely surrounded by troops with heavy weapons pointed right at them, and casualties were piling up. But Plumley didn't give a shit. He wasn't about to fucking back down. The unit's commanding officer, Hal Moore, vividly recalls in his book We Were Soldiers Once… and Young that he was standing there with Plumley, looking at the piles of wounded and the untenable position they were in, and he was like, "Jesus Christ, it's Little Bighorn all over again!"

Plumely just looked at him, no emotion at all, and said, "Custer was a pussy. You ain't."

That night, as AK-47 fire ripped up the jungle, the order went down the American battle line – fix bayonets. When some of the troops were like, "what the fuck is a bayonet?", Plumley got pissed. Screaming over the din of mortars and machine guns, Plumley drew his pistol and said something to the effect of "You sons of bitches, take that pointy fucking thing you use to open your c-rations, stick it to the end of your rifle, and follow me!"
That's one part of his story.  he and Moore were well matched, and the enemy was kind of screwed.


Phelps said...

I can imagine his commentary on the movie. "I guess that Sam Elliot can do the job, if he shaves that faggot mustache off."

pigpen51 said...

It is really too bad that the movie got in the way of telling a true story. Hal Moore was a much bigger bad ass than the movie showed. And he was a brilliant military man. The movie made it look like the U.S. got it's ass handed to them, but the truth was completely different.

Larry said...

I didn't get the impression the US troops got their ass handed to them at all from the movie. Quite the opposite. Outnumbered 10-1, 7th Cav beat back and then defeated the enemy. At the end of the movie, US casualties were listed; I didn't get a count, but it was three screen pages of names, maybe 25-30 per page. Compared to 1800 enemy deaths.