Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Short version: "They are monsters!" Yes, they are, and

you created them.
Take New York Times columnist Frank Bruni. His latest column is filled with dismay over the way Middlebury College students attacked Charles Murray and a liberal woman professor who interviewed him (she was injured by the rioters).
I have no doubt that Bruni is sincere. However, sincerity is completely unrelated to wisdom or insight.
Here's the problem:
It is the left that transformed universities into the moral and intellectual wastelands most are now.
It is the left that created the moral monsters known as left-wing students who do not believe in free speech, let alone tolerance.
It is the left that has taught generations of young Americans that America is essentially a despicable society that is racist and xenophobic to its core.

Over in Britain,
British soldier Alexander Blackman - better known as Marine A - was today sensationally cleared of murdering a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan and could be a free man by next week

His wife Claire grinned and there were loud gasps and then cheers from his family, ex-Marines and other supporters as five top Court of Appeal judges quashed the conviction and reduced it to manslaughter. 

Sergeant Blackman, who has already been in prison for three years, will face a new sentencing hearing in the next week but his legal team will argue he should be freed because of time served.
Looking at the article, the information on just how they were supplied and equipped, and their numbers, under those conditions... Shitty way to treat your own troops.

Has the media gotten worse? Or am I just grouchier?

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