Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Glen asked, so here 'tis (make added)

Here's the Chiappa mini-Sharps with scope
and without
The mounting blocks are still on the barrel, and the ring with the stripped threads is on its way to be repaired.

I've had this for several years now, and I've had two problems.  First, in the rear sight base, there's a screw that tensions the spring that holds the ladder up or down.  The screw stripped.  I couldn't figure out what thread pitch it was, or find something that size to try, so I tapped the spring for a larger size, dressed the head appropriately, and blued it.  End of that one.

The second, I was firing one day, worked the lever, and instead of moving open and staying there, it flopped.  First thought was "Crap, the spring broke."  Happily, no.  Here there's a spring under the forend that tensions the spring that the lever works against; the head of that screw stripped.  Apparently the head was a bit small for the pressure involved, and it finally broke.  There I was able to find a screw with both matching thread(yes, it was metric, and Ace Hardware) and a wider, stronger head.  No problems since.

I like it.  It's fun to shoot, accurate, and out to 100 yards or so- with appropriate ammo- I'd have no problem using it for deer(lighter loads for smaller stuff).


Glen Filthie said...

Thanks Firehand! Who is the maker? Pedersoli ?

Arthur said...

Ace may no longer be the place with the 'Helpful Hardware Man', but they are the only place to find oddball fasteners(stainless even!) on a weekend or when you don't have time to wait for a part to ship.

On a different note, when the captcha thing asks you to select the street signs, do they want you to include the pole the sign is attached to as well, I usually have to go through like 20 screens to get it to let me comment. Also do they differentiate between mountains and hills?, Lakes and rivers?

Firehand said...

Captcha is a pain in the ass anymore, for just those reasons