Tuesday, March 14, 2017

University of Texas/Austin: "Screw the facts,

we want the accused found guilty!  So don't do a fair investigation!"
In particular, Section 7 of the manual, billed as a “toolkit” for police investigators, warrants further discussion. … FIRE is deeply concerned by the recommendation that police investigators—who even by the report’s own admission are supposed to serve as “neutral fact finders”—should deliberately conduct their investigations in such a way as to “anticipate” and “counter” possible defense strategies.

One of the most disturbing of these recommendations relates to the defense strategy of “impeachment by contradiction,” which happens when “[a] witness testifies to facts at the trial that are different from facts recorded in their case documentation.” To prevent the defense from being able to do this, the report essentially suggests that investigators avoid creating any record in which parties might make contradictory statements. So, investigators should “avoid repeating a detailed report” when conducting follow-up interviews, and they should “reduce the number of reports prepared by investigators,” all to limit the defense’s ability to challenge the prosecution’s case.
This is horrendous.  And if the cops listen to it they're opening themselves up to some serious charges. 

The asshats pushing this?  I wonder if the realized the kind of charges they're opening themselves and the university up to?

Sue the bastards.  For everything they have or ever will have.  Maybe that'll get their attention.

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