Saturday, March 18, 2017

It's March, and in Oklahoma

that means choices:
Do I plant stuff in the garden, knowing that- at least once- I'll have to cover it for the last(and maybe next-to-last) frost?

Do I start something outside that can't be finished in a day?

If you plan to hit the outdoor range, check the forecast for wind speed and direction.  And hope they got it right this time.

Ref the aforementioned forecast: you can have the windows open to air out the house, and sleep, in glorious fresh air; and find yourself waking up to close windows and throw a blanket on top.

The mockingbird(I'm sure he's the same one from the last two or three years) has returned, and is announcing it to the world, from the accustomed high perches.  No, that's not a choice, but worth mentioning.

Put the cold-weather stuff away?  Bad decision, because while it's unlikely to hit with any extended cold, it damn well WILL freeze again, at least once.

Right now I've got a couple of things I need to do outside this next week, and I'm hoping the forecast is at least close to reality.  We'll see.

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