Monday, March 13, 2017

"You won't come to this war zone. You won't come to this poverty-stricken area. You won't come and look us in the eye."

Of course not.  They're the EPA, they don't like facing the people they're screwing over.
If I get the chance to stand one day, 
And name the things to me that I'm most proud of, 
Well, I hope one day I can say, that coal kept the lights on. 
My hometown keeps food on the spoon in my young-un's mouth. 
Tires on the truck and a sundress on my baby girl. 
Coal kept the bills paid, the clothes on the backs, 
and shoes on the feet in the high school halls of the Mountain Lions 
and the Bill County Bobcats on the hill. 
I hope I can say that coal kept the lights on.

The SJB in full flower, counting on guilt-feeling leftists to pay their way.
I hate this $65K a year school I have the privilege of attending, and I hate all the white people who are at the school with me.  Here is a bunch of White Guilt I know you Liberals will fall for so give me some money so I can go on vacation.  Fuck you.  
Sincerely, Self Aggrandized Victim

Dear S-A Victim:
Piss off, you nasty piece of work.

Good for the Czechs.  Tell the EUnuchs to piss off.

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