Monday, March 13, 2017

Mommies Demand hate 'innocent until proven guilty'

At least when the accused had a firearm.
Under current law, homicide defendants must prove at a pretrial hearing that they “reasonably believed” they were threatened with grave bodily harm, and therefore are entitled to make a claim of self-defense at trial. But a bill moving through the Republican-controlled Legislature would turn the hearing process on its head, by shifting the burden to prosecutors to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that a defendant’s claim to self-defense was not valid. 

Oh.  So Florida is going to apply the legal standard that is at the core of American jurisprudence, placing the burden of proof in a criminal trial on the prosecution.  That doesn’t actually sound so bad.

Of course, MDA isn’t going to stand for this.  They don’t care about civil liberties or the rights of the accused  when it comes to gun laws.


pigpen51 said...

I love this. Can we make this a federal law?

Erin Palette said...

I first read that as "Mommies Demand Hate".

Still fits.