Thursday, March 16, 2017

So, besides the general "I don't like pain" reason to stay out of fights,

some more concrete "Getting punched can kill you" information on the subject.

It's really a miracle that none of the Trump supporters beaten by leftist mobs have died.  Side point: faced with an actual dead body, and family and friends throwing loud fits, what would the cops who just stood around watching to?  And the school officials when the lawsuits, and possibly criminal charges, hit?

Crap.  ANOTHER MHI book coming out....

Purveyor of one-dimensional view of founding father whines about one-dimensional views.  Because racism.


Arthur said...

"Crap. ANOTHER MHI book coming out..."

Good God, it's even worse than that:

ALL NEW STORIES SET IN THE BEST-SELLING MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL SERIES. New stories from Larry Correia, Jim Butcher, John Ringo, Jody Lynn Nye, Sarah A. Hoyt, Brad R. Torgersen, and many more!

OldTexan said...

My wife gets tired of my comments when we see the good cop getting whacked all over the place, get up and put the bad guy down with no cuts or bruises around the face and head, no swelling or bleeding while the cop goes off for a celebration beer at the episodes closing.

My experience as a 17 year old full of himself was a Friday night, after the small town football game fight where I squared off against a kid over a silly shoving argument and received a good lesson. We each got in a couple of good swings to the shoulders and arms and then he landed one right on my nose which broke it and he piled on top of me causing me to whack my head on a sidewalk which gave me a concussion. I knew enough to stay up most of the night until my vision cleared, I had yellow purple eyes for a couple of days I was to dumb to tape my nose so it healed a bit off center.

I also never wanted to engage in any kind of physical fist fighting and avoided doing that for the past 60 some years. Now that I am in my 70's, I would not hesitate to use any force necessary to avoid being injured and possibly killed. I had a lot of banged up encounters over the years getting whacked just doing stuff and getting a front tooth knocked out by a gun barrel when I was in the Army and a guy in front of me turned around real fast one night but I was good at avoiding fights. Reality can be a killer.

genericviews said...

"Getting punched can kill you"

That's why it is OK to shoot an "unarmed man" who is violently threatening you. Also why it is stupid that some people have the idea that having a gun at a fist fight is "excessive force".

Big strong guys have been using their size and strength to push other people around since they were children. Guns make us equal, safe, and law abiding.