Sunday, January 01, 2017

Wonder how they'll try to explain this away?

According to a press release from CBS, “The Big Bang Theory,” the brainy sitcom which references pyramids and autotrophs in its theme song, beat out NBC’s Sunday Night Football as the top-rated, live, primetime same day show. For the past five years Sunday Night Football had owned that coveted, top spot.
Wonder if they'll admit that that idiot quarterback and his friends playing SJB games have anything to do with it?

Yeah, I'd be pretty upset if I was being bled for tuition and fees and found out they were being spent like this.
NBC reported on her questionable expense of spending $1,792 for a five-day hotel room at the Marriott Wardman in northwest D.C. The hotel is only about 30 minutes from her house.

Records show that she averages 13 trips per year and has traveled to cities like Napa, California; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Honolulu, Hawaii; Austin, Texas and other cities. Since 2013, she spent $70,000 in her travel expenses.

She spent more than $6,000 on upgrading plane seats for both herself and her wife. In addition, they spent $3,700 for extra and overweight baggage. During the summer of 2015, she spent more than $3,400 on airfare and upgrades to Honolulu and Austin for conferences.

While in Honolulu, Dr. Pollard spent $2,776 for a hotel room. While in Austin, she racked up $2,753 for her hotel plus spent $80 for breakfast and bought two dinners on the same night — one for $80 and another for $127.
The NBC I-Team reports that the “college is now paying about $10,000 per month to rent yet another vehicle, this time an SUV, and pay for an off-duty police officer to pick Dr. Pollard up at home and drive her to work each day… starting in February, the college began paying $52 per hour for this armed driver to work between 10-to-15 hours a day.”
Her response: "My travel is important!"  Yeah, I'm sure that'll go over well with the people paying for it.

From an executive board member of the California Democratic Party:
I’m sad about the crashed Russian military jet. The TU-154 could have carried up to 180 military personnel instead of just 92!
He's also executive director of the Los Angeles chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).  Which seems to fit him in well with the Californicated Democrat Party.

And for some reason he's deleted the tweet.  Of course, his past work is still available:
This is the same “outlandish fanatic” who called for the overthrow of the U.S. government in a tweet after Trump was elected. He has refused to condemn Hamas. He has refused to condemn Hizballah. He solicited money for the Holy Land Foundation, which was later shut down for funneling charitable contributions to Hamas, at a rally where Muslims screamed: “Death to the Jews!” 

 None of this is surprising, given that Ayloush is a CAIR employee.

Yeah, real diversity in publishing is NOT what the SJB types want.  At all.
But all is not well at the ChiRevBks because publishing giant Simon & Schuster just signed a $250K book deal with "a leading white nationalist." Because of this, ChiRevBks tweeted "In response to this disgusting validation of hate, we will not cover a single @simonschuster book in 2017." So, who is this avatar of "white nationalism" that the ever-diverse ChiRevBks is so repulsed by that all of their diversity has to be jettisoned like excess luggage on a sinking lifeboat? Is it Richard Spencer, leader of some 200 white guys that nobody heard of or cared about until the MSM started screaming and yelling about him and running around with their hair was on fire? Could it be Zombie Adolf Hitler, risen from the grave and hiding out somewhere disguised as some Donald Trump precinct captain? Or perhaps it was some Kooky Kleagle of the KKK that they found in the Alabama Democratic Party HQ's basement? Who could it be? 

Surprise! It was Milo Yiannopoulos! Really? Yes, really:

If you'll excuse me, I need some food.  And tea.

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