Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Getting this to the Supremes is good;

hanging the bureaucrats involved would be better.
Bennie’s comments had nothing to do with financial regulations.  But in snark-filled emails to each other, regulators vowed to punish him, with one promising to “Hang Him High.”  They contacted his employer, LPL, asking if it had policies to stop Bennie from sharing his political views.  Warning that they needed “some comfort” that the firm was staying “on top of this activity,” they suggested heightened supervision for Bennie, unannounced audits, and other sanctions.  One bureaucrat even threatened to “invoke whatever administrative action deemed necessary” to ensure compliance.

LPL soon relented, first by increasing its scrutiny of Bennie’s speech — and then by firing him.

Shocked, Bennie filed a public records request to find out what sparked the regulatory crusade.  His suspicions were borne out: The department’s internal communications confirmed that regulators were incensed over his comments about the president.
At the LEAST these bastards should be fired.  And never allowed to work at any federal agency, ever again.

And if the agency head knew anything about this, fired.  And ALL of them liable for damages out of their own pockets.  And prosecuted for conspiracy to violate his civil rights.

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