Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The level of stupid some people display is mind-boggling.

A tourist has been bitten by a crocodile after reportedly posing next to the enormous reptile while taking a selfie. 
The 41-year-old French woman was visiting Khao Yai national park in Thailand with her husband. 
 Reports suggest the woman wanted a picture near the crocodile and the pair squatted down near the animal. 
The crocodile then reportedly bit the woman in the thigh while the picture was being taken. 
Pictures from the scene show the woman being taken away from the area by rescuers.


Timmeehh said...

The mind set of the modern liberal: if there was no warning sign written in legalese then it must be safe.

Windy Wilson said...

A selfie! Here, commemorate my moment of stupidity!
So, did she taste bad to the croc? Or did the croc not get a good bite on her and the adults around this child were able to beat the croc until he changed his mind about how easy the meal would be and went away?
It is my understanding that crocs bite down with tremendous force and haul the victim away to drown under water, as happened to the American model Ginger Meadows some 30 years ago.

Firehand said...

Been wondering about that. Best I can figure is enough people got involved fast enough in beating it off(which didn't come out right) that it decided wasn't worth the trouble.

And yeah, that's how they do it. Peter Capstick wrote of a bus of tourists seeing a huge croc clamp down on the nose of a rhino that came to drink. They stayed for something like four hours, with the crock never loosening its grip. It finally managed to drag it in enough to get its nose underwater, and a minute later it was over.