Thursday, January 05, 2017

So the defense for forcing a male to pay for maternity coverage on himself is

"Citizen, swear you'll never have kids and I'll make an exemption for you."

Pay attention to the mindset:
“How about this,” Himes conceded. “Let’s say your 22-year-old son should not have to pay for maternity care or the possibility that he may have a child someday.”
Excuse me?  Why should he be paying for maternity care WHEN HE CAN'T GET PREGNANT? 
“How about I introduce an amendment that says we’ll cut his premiums if he signs a paper and says I will never have children,” he continued. “What do you think about that?”
Howzabout we flog you in the town square, after removing you from office for being a control freak who wants to run other people's lives?

Carlson answered that he thinks “that’s the kind of solution you may come up with, actually, the government telling you how many kids you can have and under what circumstances.”
That's exactly what asshats like Himes would love the power to do.  And he's really pissed that people are telling him to go to hell.

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