Friday, January 06, 2017

Ok, let's talk about fake news, starting with that paragon of bullshit, Rolling Stone

But have no fear, not to be deterred by a Ratheresque act of getting one’s hand caught in the bullshit jar, Rolling Stone has found a fan in Moms Demand Action.  One group of liars supports another.
The basic facts behind the bullshit story:
They were stealing stuff out of some guy’s car after midnight in a bad part of town in one of the most dangerous cities an America.
and it went downhill from there.

There's a whole bunch of crap- well, being honest, flat-out lies about Stand Your Ground, and Castle Doctrine.  Which includes this:
She sighed and added, “Who the hell is the NRA that they’re grading our politicians? Who’s the NRA that they’re holding such sway? Why are they running my state? I gotta hand it to them – they’re masterful, like Lex Luthor.”
Well, let me answer that for you: they're a bunch of people paying attention to what the politicans want to do to us.  You know, the way informed citizens are supposed to?

Which is probably exactly why you're so pissed at them.

Followed by this crap:
Joyce was angry that the rural and suburban districts of the state were not only unwilling to address the city’s gun violence problem, but, as she sees it, actively making it worse. Aside from the immense challenges posed by Missouri’s broad self-defense laws, measures that make it easier for people to carry guns mean that more of them will show up in her city.
Translation: "We have gangs and screwed-up families and violence, and those hicks who don't live in my city won't let me dictate what they'll be allowed to own, and how they'll be allowed to defend themselves!"

As J. Kb notes Your gang problem shouldn’t restrict my CCW rights.

And from the Brady weenies and associates(ok, so this is as much 'lying fuckweasels' as it is fake news) we have
210 people were shot in America on the first day of 2017
Slight problem: it's bullshit, and they're lying again.  By including things like burglaries in which firearms are stolen as 'people being shot'.

As Miguel has noted before, if your cause is so just, why do you have to lie so much to support it?


Jason said...

Bloomberg's "The Trace" anti-gun truthy website tries to gin up sympathy for this poor little boy and blame the NRA. How convenient for them that one can not comment because I find, rather, that the child's mother was to blame. Look at the time of night these 14, 13, and 11 year old boys are out stealing shit.

So the same unsupervised 10 year old boy who blows his left hand off in an abandoned lot, three years later and still unsupervised get shot dead stealing shit. The breathless reporting should be about why the mother is not facing neglect charges.

Firehand said...

You're a racist, and it's Bush's fault![/leftist slimeball]