Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Well, if you can't count on the authorities to do something,

or people have come to believe they won't, people will start acting.  And not in ways the authorities will approve of.

The Energy Department is all upset about that letter from the President-Elect.
“My members are upset and have questions about what this means. These are all civil servants who do their jobs,” Tony Reardon, national president of the National Treasury Employees Union, said in a statement.

“They have no wish to be caught up in political winds — they are nonpartisan employees — scientists, engineers, statisticians, economists and financial experts — who were hired for their knowledge and they bring their talent and experience to the job every day,” he said, adding that the union “will do all it can to ensure that merit system rules are followed.”
If they've been acting within the rules, they are protected by that system; if they've been acting outside the rules, then they're not and shouldn't be.

Can you say "If we tell them what we've actually been doing, I'm in trouble!" ?

More of that non-existent vote fraud we're not supposed to worry about.
Detailed reports from the office of Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett show optical scanners at 248 of the city’s 662 precincts, or 37 percent, tabulated more ballots than the number of voters tallied by workers in the poll books. Voting irregularities in Detroit have spurred plans for an audit by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson’s office, Elections Director Chris Thomas said Monday.
Overall, state records show 10.6 percent of the precincts in the 22 counties that began the retabulation process couldn’t be recounted because of state law that bars recounts for unbalanced precincts or ones with broken seals.
Gee, you'd think someone involved in the process had been playing games with the vote count or something.

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genericviews said...

The only problem is that the entire issue of Global warming and energy is a political advocacy issue. So if the paid government employees were participating in it, they NEED to be fired based on the merits of using their office for political advocacy. There is nothing non-partisan about advocating for energy policy that promotes "green" energy and suppresses gas and oil production. There is nothing non-partisan about a District of Columbia voting 95% for the democratic candidate.