Monday, December 12, 2016

Every time some LEO wonders why they've lost so much support, point them to this

and similar cases and ask 'What do you expect?'  If your department is a good one that stomps all over officers who do such, that's excellent and you've probably got pretty good support; those who try to just make it go away, or insist "The officer is always right", well, you're gonna keep bleeding support like it's from a cut artery.

When a officer who's sworn to uphold the law and Constitution says shit like
I don’t have time to play this constitutional bull[****].
he's telling the world he's an oathbreaker who has no business wearing a badge.  When his department insists he did nothing wrong, that department is telling the public that it doesn't give a damn about its officers breaking the law and ethics.  They both need cleaning out.

When that officer- and, let us not forget, all the others involved- not only break into the house then and search, but then go back later, still without a warrant, and trash the place, they're telling you they don't give a damn about law, or right or wrong, they care about "I can do whatever I want, because badge."

That the lower courts said that that second warrantless search was justified is disgusting, and tells you how low the Constitution has fallen to far too many asshats in black robes.  That the DC court was 2-1 instead of unanimous is disgusting as well.

Officers and departments, you want to be respected and trusted?  DON'T DO SHIT LIKE THIS.

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