Tuesday, December 13, 2016

One of the most bigoted pieces of crap I've yet read

But don't worry, he's bigoted against those nasty non-coastal types who won't vote the right way, so it's all good.

It’s clear cultural fascism. Really, guy?  Have you looked in a mirror lately?

Elizabeth Warren Condemns the Wrong Man
She's a socialist and regularly condemns people for not having the Right Thoughts, you expect her to actually bother about facts?

When "Let's get rid of cash so we can properly control people and things" runs into reality, in India.
This law supposedly is aimed at income tax cheaters. Yet this is a nation in which 95% of the population does not file tax returns. Tax cheating? Really? And I am to understand that the best way to stop tax cheating is to annul 86% of the currency? Tell me more! 

 Sorry, but I cannot resist. This is the Indian government’s Modi Operandi. 

Some businesses have ground to a halt. Street vendors cannot buy or sell. Gasoline is unavailable in some regions. Some 400,000 trucks were stranded. 

Small businesses deal only in cash. All of them are suffering.

Another study saying " 'Don't eat fat' is a bad idea."
But a study published in a leading medical journal has found the opposite is true, with a diet full of natural fats improving the health of people taking part.

Professor Sherif Sultan, a heart specialist from the University of Ireland, said: “We urgently need to overturn current dietary guidelines.

"People should not be eating high carbohydrate diets as they have been told over the past decade.
“Instead our diets should be largely based on good quality high-fat foods. This will prevent the rising epidemic of Type 2 diabetes and reverse the growing numbers of people suffering weight-related heart problems.”

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Will said...

The bigot?

Lifelong resident of Detroit. Explains his perspective. Idiots from that town should keep their mouths shut. Talk about a failed city!

That area should be plowed under and returned to farmland.