Saturday, December 17, 2016

Not sure if passive-aggressive, or just chickenshit

"Well, IF I thought it were that bad, here's how I'D violently prevent Trump from taking power, but don't blame ME if someone follows my directions."

He starts with
I’d assemble armed resistance brigades in and around states that voted for Trump. I’d make sure the participants are well-trained in urban combat. I’d do drills. I’d ensure that secure communications have been established to enable inter-state coordination. I’d impart to participants that they should be prepared to face severe state punishment for their rebellious acts— perhaps even death.
Which is also where "Your side hates guns, hates the military, where you gonna get those 'well-trained urban combat' people?" comes in.

Probable answer: "The disaffected soldiers who see what a threat Trump is!", etc.  Yeah, that's gonna go over well.



taminator013 said...

Armed resistance brigades? They pee themselves if someone says a cross word to them and then go running for a safe space. I don't see that happening anytime real soon......................

Sarthurk said...

5.56 or 7.62 are you experienced?

The Old Man said...

I more got the feeling that he was mocking lib-ruls rather than encouraging a suicide mission. That's just how I read it.