Sunday, December 11, 2016

After reading this, I really hope even more that Trump does gut a bunch of these agencies

Thus, a planned "celebration" of OCR's accomplishments at the Department of Education headquarters Thursday morning was really more of a funeral. If an alien from a more sensible planet had dropped in on the event, he would have noted tearful sniffling and prayerful entreaties to stay strong and keep the faith—and assumed something more than federal money and power had been lost.

In nearly eight years under the Obama administration, celebrants recounted, the office has issued 34 "policy guidance documents." These are edicts reinterpreting existing laws—new executive entanglements, made mandatory by funding incentives, that also serve a moral imperative.
So, who else has a problem with a big federal agency having this mindset?  And they actually believe this crap:
But in the minds and hearts of those who've carried them out, OCR's goals guided the nation toward the light of righteousness and salvation. There is no higher aim than theirs: to show every child the federal government believes in his or her ability to succeed. The message of federally-ordained disciplinary reforms is, in Secretary King's words, "We love you and we want you to be successful."
Your effing PARENTS and FAMILY are supposed to do that; not Big Brother. 
"The work of OCR," King told the audience, many of whom work at the civil rights office, "is just critical to the mission of schools to save lives." What he seems to have meant, but cannot say in a secular age, is that before federal education reforms save lives, they save souls: "That kind of [unconditionally loving] culture in a school … has been the difference for some kids between whether or not they drop out, whether or not they have the opportunity to graduate, or whether or not they stay connected to school or become disconnected and end up getting involved in violence."
That these morons think that's the mission of a school is a good indicator of just how "Big Brother Must Save You" these asshats are.

Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children's Defense Fund, assured career bureaucrats they're doing "the Lord's work" and then issued a grandmotherly scold: "You're probably going to have some real bad days," she said—but, "You stay in place."
Gee, what happened to all that 'Separation of Church and State' these clowns always insist upon?  Or is that only important when it's someone else 'doing the Lord's work'?

There's more, all of it "We Are Here To Save The Childrens" crap.

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