Sunday, November 06, 2016

Why I've come to despise Comey so much, aside

from the damage he's done to this country:
One of the things he said to try to defend himself before Congress was "Hey, if you think I messed-up, then the other agents messed-up too!"  Comey's not a EffingBI agent, he's a political appointee; and if you think that the agents he threw under the bus don't know what he is and what he did...

Second, that UK Mail article about how upset he was?  You'll notice he's all upset because 'People at work are being mean to me!'  Not because he violated his oath, not because of the damage he did to the rule of law: purely "They won't talk to me anymore, and some of them are resigning!"

Screw you, Comey, you deserve to feel far worse than you apparently do.

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