Friday, November 11, 2016

Borrowed from Larry Correia on Bookface,

because this is gold, and the asshat he was responding to burned the thread:
1. If any of those isolated incidents actually happened, file a police report.
2. Yes. Racist assholes exist. See #1.
3. "Fear" doesn't give you the right to burn other people's shit.
4. If you are genuinely concerned for your safety due to the assholes in #2 learn how to defend yourself.
5. Burning other people's shit isn't "self defense".

And Shaun King is a piece of shit, white suburbanite, who pretended to be black by growing a skinny mustache and flaring his nostrils hard for photographs. He is a publicity whore who fabricated a career based on other people's legitimate outrage. So fuck him.

If racist assholes damage your property, call the cops. If racist assholes demonstrate ability, opportunity, and an immediate threat of serious bodily harm, fucking shoot them.

Blocking freeways is retarded. Defending the blocking of freeways because some fucking hillbilly in Somnambulant Wisconsin or Bumfuck West Virginia called somebody you don't know a mean name is extra retarded.

Grow up. Quit burning other people's shit. Quit defending the burning of other people's shit.


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