Monday, November 07, 2016

"We're keeping you safe, ungrateful peasants, so shut up

and be healthy while you starve!"

Canada has gone all (formerly Great)Britian:
Jeff McCarthy says for the last 25 years, whenever he is walking the streets of Montreal in his kilt, he also has a Scottish traditional knife protruding from his right sock.
But McCarthy ran into trouble on his way to play the bagpipes at McGill University's fall convocation at Place-des-Arts Wednesday. 

He was stopped by Montreal police officers and fined $220 for carrying a knife in public.
Besides the general stupid of this, get the law in question:
McCarthy was ticketed under a municipal bylaw that prohibits anyone from carrying a knife or "similar weapon" in a public place or transit vehicle "without a reasonable excuse.
You need a friggin' EXCUSE to carry a basic tool in Canada?  Screw that.

More wonders of the Venezuelan Socialist Revolution: more dead children.

I'd say 'bully' is a polite word: what leftists really want is to run censorship and control over everyone.

Yuck.  Not just for the election.  It's raining, I'm still sick, and I'd just about kill someone for a big platter of enchiladas.  See you later.

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Glen Filthie said...

Mon Trail, Tranna and Hongcouver are bastions of liberal idiocy, fit only for homosexuals, pedophiles, Marxists, and vibrants.

The rest of the country is generally alright as long as you ignore the right laws and people.