Wednesday, November 09, 2016

My Deity, the level of screaming,

insult and so forth is amazing.  Among things I've learned this morning:
I'm not capable of forming an opinion of Clinton on my own, it had to be spoon-fed to me by the fever swamps of conspiracy thinking.
Trump winning 'proves' there's no vote fraud.
America is shameful.
'I am horrified, terrified, and ashamed'.(Really?  You loved and respected Clinton that much?)
'Nobody had a problem with Hillary until she announced for President.'(the disconnect from reality of that one is kind of awe-inspiring)
And on.  And on.

I wish I felt better, I'd hit the range with something large and loud to add to the noise.

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KM said...

Well it seems that enough folks got tired as hell of being told what to grow, drive, eat, drink, say, smoke, pay (i.e. IRS) and especially THINK.

The assholes who thought they were exponentially better than us regular folk still hang on but I bet their palms are starting to sweat. A pox on all of them!