Thursday, June 02, 2016

"Waah! They wouldn't let us riot and disrupt!

Screw you, commie.  And don't think that marching with lots of Mexican flags and chanting in Spanish helps you with anyone but Mexico and your little friends.

Californicated in action:
The first bill up was AB 1673, which will CRIMINALIZE the possession of unserialized firearms parts, authored by former police officer and current Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D-Carson).
According to Gipson, an 80% lower is equivalent to a “weapon of mass destruction.” Yep, an 80% lower is akin to a nuclear weapon.
Following that, AB 1664, which will BAN all firearms with a bullet button made it out 41-30.

It passed with such asinine statements made by the likes of Asm. Gipson, who stated that if you remove a bullet button, the gun becomes a fully automatic machine gun.
Liars and fools both, and they run the state.

He was released on his own recognizance, and welcomed by a cheering crowd.  But he's still facing charges.

They can molest children, and abuse people with medical problems, and steal your stuff, but the TSA can't keep this guy out of a job?  Really?
His mass executions and torturing of civilians in what has been called a genocide did not come up during a background check. Ali was deported from Canada due to his war crimes, but that didn’t come up in the TSA background check, either. But no worries, TSA is groping 6 year-olds and nuns and maintaining 3-hour security check lines — keeping you safe.

My, how Soviet of them.
Now here’s an interesting evolution: When the State Department was first pressed on why a tough question from Fox News correspondent James Rosen was missing from a Dec. 2, 2013, press briefing, a spokeswoman attributed the matter to a “glitch.” “There was a glitch in the State Department video,” said State’s Elizabeth Trudeau at a briefing in mid-May.
A different story issued today from the State Department’s podium. Asked about the situation, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs John Kirby said that an internal probe into the matter had revealed that a “specific request was made to excise” the video.
After Samuels’s story kicked up a Washington mediastorm, Rosen asked a colleague to check for the video of Psaki answering his question about diplomatic mendacity. The colleague came back with an eerie response: The exchange was gone from the videotape, replaced by a flash of white light. The gap was evident not only on the State Department website, but also on its YouTube page. State Department officials, in a series of briefings, struggled to explain the matter.
Ooh!(waves hand)  Ask me!

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