Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Maybe this is why they only found a few crocodiles:

this big bastard's been eating them.
Video captured a huge alligator roaming a Palmetto golf course earlier this month.

The gator is so large it hardly looks real. That’s why golfers noticed the massive creature and stopped what they were doing.

Officials at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course say this gator has been roaming the course for years. They even say he’s good for business since people want to catch a glimpse of the big boy.

Which will last until he gets annoyed, or decides "I want two-leg for lunch."

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0007 said...

That idiot walking along filming that 'gator probably has no clue that that thing could decide to have a taste of him and run him down in about fifty feet... Damn things can run down a horse in a short sprint.