Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dear whatever... Clinton doesn't give a damn about ANYTHING except

her own wants and convenience, does she?
He was asked why he had proposed this solution, and he said it was “For ease of access” and, “as far as I knew, there was no requirement for her to be connected to our system” (even though he had earlier said that her having an email address assigned to her in the State Department’s system, the OpenNet system, was “required”). He said that the “ease of access” would be because of there being “fewer passwords.”

He was asked whether doing things this way was necessary in order for her to be able to access the Internet from the State Department, and he said, ”the Internet is available” to employees at the office, just as anywhere.

He was asked about the inconvenience of the State Department’s passwords system, and he said that he eliminated her need for any passwords:
A: She wouldn’t have had a password.Q: So the computer would have just been open and be able to use without going through any security features?A: Correct.

There's more.  Oh my yes, there's more.  Like
Citing a conversation Lukens had with Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, he wrote, “She says problem (sic) is HRC does not know how to use a computer to do emails — only Blackberry.”  HRC refers to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Judicial Watch attorney Michael Bekesha asked Lukens if State Department policy barred the use of personal cell phones in the Secretary’s official office suite, which is one of the most tightly secured facilities in government. Lukens explained the prohibition: “So the crux of the issue was that BlackBerrys and iPhones are not allowed in the Secretary’s office suite, so the question was, how is the Secretary going to be able to check her emails if she’s not able to have the Blackberry at her desk with her.


Toastrider said...

OK, this is just utter horse shit. My parents are pushing seventy, and they figured out how to get THEIR email through both their computers AND their smartphones.

Lying bitch. Now I want Trump to win just to watch her face fall off the front of her skull.

KM said...

Toast, something along the lines of HRC opening the Ark of the Covenant?

Where can I buy a ticket??

Windy Wilson said...

How can we assure that she, her husband, Pelosi, Schumer, Boxer and Feinstein are there for the opening?

I know some true believers personally who would not remove their support for her if the Russians and the North Koreans released all her e-mails she hasn't released yet.

So she did not want to use a simple password on her blackberry before accessing her emails? She wanted her Blackberry in her secure office?
We are being governed by top men. Top. Men.
And women, too.