Friday, June 03, 2016

Journalistic integrity...

And this is a real pivotal moment in the film, it’s one of our main storylines. And I thought it was really important to stop down at this moment. And she’s asking the question of the group, but as a filmmaker, I wanted to ask the question of the audience. And, you know, I think the idea that the focus has been on this is very typical of gun lobby tactics. They’re trying to intimidate us; we won’t be intimidated.”

No way, said Segraves, in effect — noting that the backlash has come from outside the gun lobby. What about the false impression that these folks didn’t have an answer? he asked.

“I think it’s sad to say that these eight seconds didn’t give the VCDL a platform to speak. Their views are expressed repeatedly throughout the film; we know how they feel about background checks. They said it earlier in the film,” said Soechtig. “I also think Katie is held to a journalistic standard, but this is a film, and I’m a filmmaker and it was my decision to do so.”
Translation: "Screw you, I hate guns and people who own them, and I'll do anything I can to damage them.  Screw facts, too, I'm an Artist!."

'important to stop down'.  So she edited this to make it look like those people had no response, which was lying by omission.  She knows it, she doesn't care.  And Couric knew it, and approved it.

And throw this into the mix:
It is clear from the fraudulent way in which gun rights supporters were portrayed in the documentary, and the unlawful way in which firearms were obtained to support the documentary’s gun control theme, that neither truth nor the law were concerns of Ms. Soechtig or her staff in creating the film. 

Given this latest development, Ms. Soechtig, Katie Couric, and any other individual involved in this possible conspiracy should seek legal counsel immediately, as each could face criminal charges stemming from violations of federal firearm and conspiracy laws.
You or I, the feds would be looking at; chances of them actually doing anything about these clowns, just about zero.

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