Thursday, June 02, 2016

Someday OU will write or call me and say "Your daughter went here,

you should give us money!"  I may use bits of this in the reply.
I’m sorry to hear that the university’s $750 million endowment has fallen in value to $500 million because of the recession and because your bank died. I’m also sorry to hear that you’re dealing with declining enrollment due to the fact that middle-class families are no longer willing or able to bet their homes on a $45,000-a-year higher education for their children. I really am.
You know, maybe if you wanted a little bit of money from me (and these days you’d get about $3), maybe you should send me a fancy color brochure admitting your role in the bubble economics that got us all into this mess.

For example, since 1987, higher education expenses have gone up 450 percent, while personal income in this country has gone up 87 percent, making tuition IMPOSSIBLE to afford without special financing. But, during this time, you were thriving because people could come up with the cash in two ways:
Go read the rest, it's worth it.

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