Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's always nice when the left starts eating itself

The National Union of Students Black Conference in Bradford erupted into a civil war after the conference proposed to amend the term “Black” – for the sake of inclusivity – and include “Politically Black” people into the movement.
“Politically Black” is a term adopted by non-black people of colour who identify with the struggle against racism and oppression. It has been repeatedly criticised for being used for political gain while silencing actual black voices within the movement.
You've got to read the whole thing to get the full flavor, which includes people as pale as I am before I've been in the sun claiming political blackness.  

Arizona passed a law 
HB 2548 gives students the right to file lawsuits against colleges and universities, and to receive an award judgment if the court finds that the university or community college has restricted the student’s speech.
to deal with the 'tiny free-speech zone' crap.   And an amendment was added:
Arizona’s HB 2548 became something more than was intended when an amendment, also related to free speech, was approved in the Senate.

Protesters who blocked Phoenix roads before a Trump campaign rally in March can take credit for inspiring the amendment to HB 2548.

It increases penalties against people who block access to government meetings or hearings, or political campaign rallies like the Trump campaign event.
And guess who's losing their shit?

Well done, idiots who blocked highways and rioted and assaulted people: you got a reaction.

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