Saturday, April 16, 2016

Remember that post about immigrant kids in Canada

assaulting and threatening Canadian kids?   And the newspaper going chickenshit and taking the article down because 'Hate!  Racism!  Not enough feels!  And people we don't approve of read it!" ?
And in a letter on the Halifax regional school board’s website, Superintendent Elwin LeRoux called the complaints by parents in the paper “unsubstantiated accusations” and insisted they were “not true.”
However, the Herald did admit that other parents had come forward with stories of their children being attacked.
In the aftermath of this story and the Herald's self-censorship, no one in the Media Party bothered to do any research.
The Rebel, however, did.
Multiple parents and even one student spoke to Rebel reporter Faith Goldy who confirmed initial reports in the Herald's story.

And it continues, it seems:
“We went up on Friday to talk to the principal about the choking with the necklace, she said that her hands are tied. She said that she’s been fighting with her supervisor to get interpreters up there because she couldn’t contact those kids’ parents. And was here Friday. It’s been a whole week that that wasn’t addressed.”

“Yesterday my daughter was slapped in the face again by the exact same boy. Again. We got called up to the school and they had an interpreter in there yesterday and she said, the interpreter said, the little boy just wants to fit in.”

Yeah, this is going to end well.  Especially with the schools playing the PC game, to the extent of telling easily-provable lies:
We reached out to Halifax Regional School Board spokesperson, Doug Hadley, so see if these allegations were being investigated. He said:
“We have to stand up and stop allowing people target a specific group or suggest groups of people behave in a certain way based on who they are and where they’re from. We have to be tolerant of all people and respect their differences. Students have to follow the rules, but we have no indication that any of the allegations in that original article actually happened.”
He then said that no student or parent had come forward, which was a direct contradiction to what the parents we had spoken to told us.
“Some of the parents at the centre of this article, the school was speaking to just last week and will continue to speak with them,” Hadey admitted despite the fact he just claimed no student or parent had come forward about the refugee problem.

So, which was it?

Sooner or later one of these immigrant kids is going to rape, or seriously injure, or kill one of the Canadian kids.  And the same "You can't talk about this, you racist!" idiots in charge will blame the victim, and the parents, because "You weren't sensitive and caring enough" or some other excuse-making bullshit.  And things will start getting REALLY nasty.

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