Wednesday, April 13, 2016

And that raped girl shouldn't have been dressed that way

and on the wrong part of campus, right?
We, the Black Student Union do not support the mass publication of videos, articles and any other statements that misrepresent this incident. This misrepresentation has led to racist, homophobic and misogynistic slurs being directed at members of our organization.
Because an unedited video of the mess is SUCH a misrepresentation, right.  And they gave no examples of said slurs.
The group casts aspersions on the “white male” who recorded the incident, Austin King, with no evidence that his recording was anything other a spur-of-the-moment response to physical aggression in public. King has said he plans to press charges against Tindle for attacking him when she noticed he was recording.
"He's white, HE'S the guilty one!" Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Well, where were you bastards when he did the same crap before?  Oh, that's right, you didn't really have a problem with it then.  What changed, dumbass?

Whiny little oversensitive bitches, and the school brass who enable them

Well, when you send planes out, won't let them hit targets, and then they have to drop the weapons on empty desert, YOU RUN OUT OF THEM.  That's hard for you idiots to understand, or you don't want to mention that part?

Put bluntly: If the Dept. of Defense is wasting time and money on bullshit like this, no wonder ISIS is still a going concern.  'Idiots' barely begins to cover it.
The video opens with a startlingly brutal cartoon re-creation of the murder of Catherine “Kitty” Genovese, the 28-year-old woman whose rape and murder in a Queens neighborhood in 1964 sparked national soul-searching after it was reported that neighbors ignored her cries for help. 
After dramatizing the Genovese murder, the video presents the nine nonviolent actions that one should take if confronted by a rapist/murderer/necrophiliac like Moseley. Here are the nine points, verbatim. No, this is not satire:
(1) Name or Acknowledge the Offense
(2) Identify the Obvious
(3) Interrupt Behavior
(4) Publicly Support the Aggrieved Person
(5) Use Body Language
(6) Carefully Use Humor
(7) Encourage Dialogue
(8) Ease Strong Feelings
(9) Call for Help

Yeah. THOSE will do it.  Sure.
... As ludicrous as the Finnish video is, this one is a hundred bad miles of worse. “Humor”? “Body language”? “Dialogue”? “Easing strong feelings”? In the face of an attack by someone like Winston Moseley? At least the Finnish video allows the victim to touch the prospective rapist. The Department of Defense video prohibits any physical contact. Because of course any serial-killing necrophiliac rapist will respond well to “humor.” I’m surprised the video didn’t come with an accompanying book of jokes to help break the ice.

Had to skip lodge last night.  I was going to try(before that) for the outdoor range today.  Except it rained, and was still raining lightly this morning.  And might all day.  Add in the whole 'start coughing and feels like skull is trying to explode' thing, and the range seems contraindicated.  At least aspirin helps the headache.

At this point, if the dogs weren't low on food I'd just sit here all day


Jerry The Geek said...

There are days when "...just sitting here all day" seem like progress.

Apparently, this seems to have been one of those days for you. (I didn't understand the post, but I'm depressed just by reading and not-understanding it.)

So tomorrow, just sit around all day and do nothing. I spend a lot of time that way. For me, it's a lot like blogging, except I don't have to do all that typing.

Firehand said...

I did that. The fever seems to have pretty much gone, but I still have the raspy voice and 'cough and the head tries to blow' mess going.

One nice thing, the temperatures aren't 'make you shiver even indoors', they're pretty pleasant.