Thursday, April 14, 2016

Guy named Seth on Bookface says it well,

if I can get permission I'll post his whole piece(if you're on Bookface, check Tam's page); for now,
"Privilege," is exactly the wrong word to use here. It does not set a tone of mutual respect, or of coming together. It does not nurture friendship and love and brotherhood. This word, in this context, is used to do the exact opposite. To drive us further apart. These people, those in power, they need for us to be at odds. They need to stoke the fires of anger, hate, and derision.

You can't tell someone that works 55 hours a week behind a cutting torch or swinging a spinner chain or building houses, crippling himself working into an early grave that he has some mythical privilege.

He'll look at you like you're from fucking Pluto. This doesn't make him racist.
And about Clinton,
Listen to this woman.

Her entire life has been spent in search of power.

She devoted the first half of her life to covering up the crimes, affairs, and abuses of her husband, who- at best, is a serial womanizer. And at worst could very well be a high order sexual predator.

And she did these things in a quest for power. To have as much dominion over her fellow man as humanly possible.

Trump, as horrible as he might be, at least he had some skin in the game. Money and reputation, if nothing else.

These are not the words of someone who wants to bring us together. These are the words, carefully chosen, of a user.
Her.  And the OBLM clowns and others: they WANT us divided, they WANT hate.  Like Al Sharpton & Co., if there's not any, they'll create it, because without it they don't have any leverage, or publicity, or money.

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