Saturday, April 16, 2016

I walked into H&H Range the other day,

and they had a LOT of .22 ammo on the counter.  Several brands, etc.  So things do indeed seem to have eased.

At least until The Lightbringer, or the two other socialists running for the Evil Party nomination say something stupid.  Again.

Speaking of,
We all know Hillary Clinton doesn’t like, or expect to be challenged, so when she told New York lawmakers last week that their criminals get their guns from Vermont, she certainly didn’t see this reaction coming.
“This is an out-and-out lie — I can’t state it any more clearly,” said Chris Bradley, president of the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs. “She’s desperate to try to get to the left of Mr. Sanders, and she perceives he’s weak on guns when in fact he’s pretty consistent.”
“She knows it’s not true. It’s 0.7 percent of crime guns in New York that are traced back to Vermont,” said Eddie Garcia, founder of the Vermont Citizens Defense League. “The New York primaries are coming up, her lead over Bernie Sanders has been cut in half, and she’s taking it out on my state and defaming us.”
If you think about the mindset of Clinton, it's scary; she truly thinks she's OWED the Oval Office.  And anything/anyone that gets in the way has to be- not just beaten, but preferably destroyed.  For lèse-majesté , if nothing else.  Now think of that mindset actually sitting in the White House as President...
And Slick Willie as First Man or whatever, working every connection he can, and pissing and moaning on the side that Hillary won't do what he thinks she should.

Yeah, it's a bit old, but still covers the idiots whining about poor Cecil the lion and evil hunters:
As a mental exercise, let us take fifty thousand US dollars (plus all the other money, noted above), multiply that number by two hundred lions, and see how much money the bunny-huggers and the spine-less, knee-jerk politicians and bureaucrats have kept out of the mouths of starving Zimbabweans and the game reserve.
That's right, Tofu Breath:  those game parks you're dotting your cupcakes over?  A large percentage of their budget and operating capital comes right out of the wallets of hunters.

In one fell swoop -- over one idiot furry predator -- you've not only managed to take the food right out of the mouths of the families that have come to rely upon it, but you've also managed to make a significant dent in the operating capital of the park itself.

On top of being forced to kill 200 lions -- for free.

Well done, old chaps.  Jolly well done.

Also from 'Dog,
Second:I was raised in third world countries.  I grew up in Africa; hit puberty in the Middle East.  I have scars, nightmares, and a medical file more than a metre thick (No, I'm not exaggerating.  Hell, the "parasite infestation" part of my medical file is four fingers deep) that attests to the fact that I have a thorough, intimate knowledge of the third world.
And, pookie, if you think that the United States of America is "like a third world nation" then you either need to actually -- you know -- go to a genuine third world country; or you need your headspace and timing re-adjusted.

I'm not sure what irritates me the most about these articles:  That they're such an obvious and clumsy bit of socio-political engineering propaganda; or that no matter how clumsy they are, people or going to take them at face value -- right down to the "America is a third world nation" part.

And now I'm going to go get some groceries before it decides to start raining.

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