Monday, April 11, 2016

'Breast Ironing'; that's a new one to me

The reaction from the usual suspects, however, is very familiar:
The practice involves using hot objects to pound and massage girls' breasts to try to stunt their growth in the belief it makes them less sexually attractive.

MP Jake Berry said about 1,000 girls in the UK were thought to be affected by the "abhorrent practice".
Home Office minister Karen Bradley said the government was "absolutely committed" to putting a stop to the practice.

But she admitted "certain professionals" still felt reticent about tackling such practices because of "cultural sensitivities" - and said they needed to be given the confidence to take action.
A: This is not something they need to be 'given confidence to deal with'; this is chickenshit, this is cowardice, and they should be fired.  And replaced with people who don't give a rats ass about 'culture' as a defense for torturing kids.
B: You bastards don't need another damned law; try enforcing THE ONES YOU ALREADY HAVE ABOUT ABUSING KIDS.
C: You idiots have learned nothing from Rotherham and the others, have you?

The place where Great Britain used to be, indeed.

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