Saturday, March 05, 2016

See all kinds of things from great heights

Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen, aboard on ISS, caught an electric view never before taken from space: a huge blue burst of optical activity — known as a blue jet — radiating from a thunderstorm over India.

If this information is correct, those wardens need charges filed against them.
The legislation stems partially from an incident on a ranch in Ryan, in southwest Oklahoma. The landowner, Rob Thornton, told Red Dirt Report that two game wardens drove a half mile onto the ranch, crossed two separate cattle guards, searched two vehicles, an 8,000-square foot barn, separated the ranch foreman from his 15-year-old son and wrote the teenager a $400 citation for shooting at a hog during hunting season.

The wardens claimed they heard gunshots, prompting them to cut the locks on a gate and drive onto private property.
They CUT LOCKS?  SEARCHED VEHICLES AND A BARN?  They think that 4th Amendment thing doesn't apply to them?

So even if you're admitting guilt and checking our privilege, you're guilty because you didn't do it JUST RIGHT and some snowflakes were offended.

Well, crap; if this is true, FN has a real problem with this pistol.

And now, it being nice outside, I shall hobble out and try to accomplish something.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

"They think that 4th Amendment thing doesn't apply to them?"

Game Wardens, when operating in the course of their duties enforcing game laws, are permitted to search without warrant. But only for enforcement of hunting and fishing regulations. They can trespass on private land, search private property, and enforce game law without a warrant or permission. The gunshot in this case gave them probable cause to believe that hunting was in progress. Quite simply, the landowner was incorrect about the law. They had probable cause. Sit down and have a talk with your local game warden about his job and then try to figure out how he could do his job if he could not access private property to enforce hunting and fishing regulations.

Firehand said...

I have a BIG damned problem with 'We heard a shot over that way? Ok, let's cut locks and search cars, and go through the barn while we're at it."