Friday, March 04, 2016

Last time I hit the range, the CherryBalmz-lubed

.22 conversion got another hundred rounds through it; still working just as it should.  That makes between 600-700 rounds with zero problems due to the lube.  Not bad at all; as I've mentioned before, this conversion works great as long as the lube is sufficient; if it doesn't slick things up enough, it short-strokes.  A lot.  That's on the pistol lubed with the heavier Ma Deuce Juice; the one lubed with Black Rifle Balm hasn't had quite as many rounds(yes, I'm a bad tester, should've been keeping better count), but it's working perfectly as well.

As mentioned, I flat can't afford to put, say, a thousand rounds of centerfire pistol or rifle ammo into testing the stuff, so I can't specifically speak to how it'll work in a .223 or 7.62x39 AR, or a 9mm pistol.  I've generally found that if stuff will keep those conversions running smoothly, especially after long breaks in-between without cleaning or more lube, it'll hold up in anything else I've tried it in. 

So the question becomes, is it worth the price to you?  Personally, unless it's got something REALLY special in long-term use, the answer is no, especially since(my favorite) the Lubriplate SFL-0 is so inexpensive.  It may well be worth it to you, that's your decision to make.

I'll keep shooting them(.22s are fun, and good for my rehab), and see how it does over a longer time, and let you know.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Is it working better than the lubriplate SFL-0 or better?

Firehand said...

I'd say equally.