Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Not just Neil Goldschmidt; every bastard who knew

and did nothing, or made excuses, who didn't care because 'Look at the good he did!'; every one of you miserable shits should pay for it.

Especially you, the miserable excuse for a lawman who picked her up so her rapist could screw her; damn you.

And you, McCormack, you bastard.
With his journalistic experience, McCormack knew what a huge story he had been handed. Still, he chose to do nothing. "I didn't feel like it was my business, and even though I don't like Neil, I didn't want to destroy him," McCormack says.

McCormack says he never shared the secret, even though Goldschmidt's surprise decision remained perhaps the greatest mystery in Oregon politics over the past 15 years

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Anonymous said...

And 14 cops spent a year taking turns Gang raping a 14 year old girl in Bardstown Ky. SEVEN of them the supposed "best of the best" Kentucky State Police. And not ONE ARREST: NOT ONE. None of them were even reprimanded after CONFESSING to gang raping a 13-14 year old girl for a year. The story you are so outraged by is the normal working of government from the white house to the town hall. Its not just "one scumbag" its all of them. EVERY ONE. They protect each other because each and every one is a thief and a pervert with crimes to hide. Enforce rule .308 or get used to it. Because perverts, thieves, child molesters, bullies, faggots and serial killers ARE your government. ---Ray