Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Times I consider just falling completely apart

and getting it over with. 

Right now.

Yesterday, foot caught on something and turned, and I landed right knee-first, on the driveway.  Yes, it hurt.  Still does.

So now I have a functional shoulder that needs work to get back to strength, and a knee that doesn't work and hurts like hell at times(swelling is down, but still stiff and painful; stairs suck).  Which makes me wonder what's going to get hurt/need work next?

In other news: ref the shoulder, hanging a pipe from the clothesline pole, at appropriate height, allows you to lean back to your chosen angle and do semi-pullups, and then lean forward to do pushups.  Which helps, but it's going to take a while.

Also, there's a gym not far from the house that's been there for years, and I stopped in to check it out: no contract, 24/7 operation, really nice setup including cardio machines, weight machines and free weights.  Lots of all of it.  But it's $30/month, and that's more than I can do.  There's a Gold's Gym about a mile away, but by the time they finish their sales pitch on signup costs, plus whatever-per-month, it's a bit high as well, and not nearly as nice a setup.  So for now, until 10Gym or someone builds a lot closer, at-home stuff it is.

There's stuff to do tomorrow, but it may get put off a day or two, as none of it is essential and I don't know how the leg is going to be.

I have made my peace with getting old: I hate it, and it wants to kill me.


Anonymous said...

Craigslist for weights. Also get a light barbell in 25lb or lighter, and dumbells that can hold 2" olympic weights. The beauty here is that you can get microweights and go up in steps of 1/2lb. Check out starting strength forum for inspiration from fellow geezers on how to get strong. Also a fellow there sells a nice set of microweight for very cheap, and they are laser cut!

Firehand said...

I'll take a look at it, thanks