Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Good. Now if Apple will show the same attitude to the PRC,

we'll be in decent shape.
A federal judge on Monday ruled the U.S. Department of Justice does not have legal authority to force Apple to develop a program to circumvent security features on a smartphone related to a drug trafficking case in New York.
I like this from the judge:
"The relief the government seeks is unavailable because Congress has considered legislation that would achieve the same result but has not adopted it," he wrote. "It is also clear that the government has made the considered decision that it is better off securing such crypto-legislative authority from the courts rather than taking the chance that open legislative debate might produce a result less to its liking."

Like Insty says, now when I hear about some Horrible!Racist!Attack!!, my first thought is "Evidence?  Proof?  Or it's bullshit."
Audio from two 911 phone calls and video footage of the alleged racially motivated assault at a New York college has been released, providing more evidence why the women who made the accusation are now being charged with false reporting.
There was an assault; they started it, they're the ones yelling names and hitting people.  And then
Now some of that footage has been released, but it is difficult to tell what exactly happened. The 911 audio is more damaging, showing one of the accusers saying "I think it's so funny" and "I beat up a boy" before the call connected to a dispatcher.

When the call connected, the accuser then tells the story that she was "jumped" on a bus and that it was a racially motivated attack.

One of the things that makes me so glad some of my ancestors got the hell out of Scotland.
It’s for the children — or maybe, really, for the child, singular. A toddler was murdered by an antisocial crumb using an airgun eleven years ago, and after a decade plus of wave-the-bloody-shirt publicity (and no further intervening homicides) the Scottish authorities have declared the devices contraband. Owners of the estimated half-million powderless peashooters in the quasi-country have from July to the end of the year to get a permit — which may or may not be issued, at the whim of police, and which requires them to prove, to whichever copper catches gun-ban duty, a “need” for the toy.

From the Dark and Fascist State of New Jersey:
A veteran state trooper alleges in a whistleblower lawsuit she was retaliated against by her superiors after raising objections that police academy background checks were compromised because of pressure to increase racial diversity among State Police ranks.
Jiras claims in her suit that her superiors, under pressure from the state Attorney General's Office to boost recruit class diversity on short notice, approved candidates who had been automatically disqualified for having suspended licenses, criminal affiliations and active warrants.
Just bloody wonderful, isn't it?

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