Sunday, February 28, 2016

Remember the kid injured when the idiot dropped a flashbang in his crib?

A federal judge has approved settlements totaling $3.6 million to the parents of a toddler who was severely injured when a flash grenade detonated in his playpen during a 2014 raid.
But guess what?
'Considering that this family was still held responsible for the medical bills is itself a travesty.'
Yep.  Not only do the cops involved get off with no punishment(other than being all upset that people don't have the proper amount of feels for them), but the family is paying the medical expenses out of the award.

Wonder if the local citizens out of whose pockets this is coming have anything to say about that?

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genericviews said...

Not a travesty. That is how the system works. It was undoubtedly a part of why the settlement was $3.6 million. If you make the case, "you owe me $X because of these med bills", then you win $X, You then have to pay the medical bills. Otherwise, you should make the case, "give me $X + medical bills".

The travesty is that no one who is responsible was punished. Even if this has been the right house, there is no scenario other than hostage rescue, where a flash bang is an appropriate law enforcement tool.

That is always the case with huge monetary settlements. The guilty are not punished. The taxpayers are.