Saturday, February 07, 2015

Short version: in the Mommies Demand world,

if it happens anywhere near a school, for any reason, it's 'Another School Shooting!'  Including gangs having a fight outside a school.  At night.  Etc.
Moms Demand had concocted their fraudulent list of “school shootings” by including not just mass shootings that the public thinks of when they think “school shootings,” but on-campus suicides, drug deals and robberies gone bad on school property, domestic violence killings, gang violence, crimes that occurred in school parking lots on nights and weekends when schools were closed, etc.

Every major fact-checking organization blasted Moms Demand for their dishonesty, but the group continued using the same intentionally flawed methodology to pad their dishonest figures. With seemingly every crime involving a firearm near a school counting as “close enough” for Moms Demand, the gun prohibitionist group hit “100 school shootings” in November… according to their criteria, at least.

A: The guy in the crane is good.
B: How the hell did they get there in the first place?

I don't know if it was ever anything else, but the Congressional Black Caucus is currently a "Oppose anyone with dark skin for ANY reason, and you're a racist!" group of RWPP assholes.

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