Wednesday, February 04, 2015

And the next round of experiment in .30-30 is

from left to right, the .32-caliber 100-grain SWC, the .32-caliber 95-grain roundnose, and the .32-caliber 90-grain wadcutter; the SWC is from a RCBS mold, the other two are Lee.

Digging around Cast Boolits, found a number of gallery loads(light, short-range, quiet) for .30-30 using various bullets and even a single 00 buckshot using light charges of pistol or shotgun powder.  In this case 3.0 grains of Bullseye. 

With these bullet shapes, the SWC chambers while crimped(barely) at the crimp groove. Same for the roundnose.  The wadcutter had to be seated to the first lube groove(it's a tumble-lube design with lots of little grooves) to chamber.  Next time I hit the range I'll give these a try and see what happens.  B did suggest, with non-gas-checked bullets, using a tight-in-the-case-neck paper wad to reduce the chance of lead fouling, but that didn't occur before I loaded these; I doubt it'll be a problem with these charges, we'll see.  Can always do it in the future.

I'm still planning on casting some of the 115-grain Carbine bullets to try without checks; will make a few of those with and without the wad.

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