Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Ah, the People's Republic of Maryland (link fixed)

You could not pay me enough to live in that craphole
Apparently the idea of, say, waiting till he came out, or came home, and saying "We have a warrant" wasn't even considered.  Of course, if they did that they might have a hard time justifying all the OTHER 'Get the armored vehicle and kick in the doors and shoot the dogs' raids they've done and are planning.

'Law enforcement' as a demonstration of 'Be a good little commoner or else'.


Toastrider said...

Link is wrong -- leads to a story about shitty vaccination rates in LA schools.

Firehand said...

Dammit. Link fixed

KM said...

Well he did have the gall to want to be able to sustain himself if SHTF.
Not crawling to FEMA with an outstretched hand apparently is treasonous.

Toastrider said...

Old story is old (December 2012), but it still serves as a useful reminder about the morals (or lack thereof) of Leviathan.

Damn near qualifies as 'swatting', doesn't it?