Friday, February 06, 2015

How do you, in PC manner, slime a member of a minority group?

If you're the NYTimes, you magically change them to a Evil White Man.  George Zimmerman became a 'white Hispanic' so they could trash him, and now
Ted Cruz “has been called as Hispanic ‘as Tom Cruise’
Wonderful bunch of people, aren't they?


Sigivald said...

Just like "Uncle Tom".

Minorities are super-awesome.

As long as they're Progressives.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Ten years ago I was hearing the same people calling Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell anything you can think of, using all manner of language I will not repeat here, because they had dared to work for Republican administrations. "Uncle Tom" was only the beginning of the things people said.

Their hypocrisy knows no boundaries.