Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yeah, the State Department just now found

1300 e-mails from the now-dead ambassador(more of those "But we already turned EVERYTHING over!")  But there's nothing to see here, no attempt to hide things, you haters.

Short version: "It doesn't matter if there was no hate crime, SOMEONE WAS TROUBLED!  Therefore we need a million dollars of other peoples money to spend on diversity."

On the general front, in the near future- say, late next week- bloggage will be slight to non-existent for a while.  Due to the fact that there's damage that'll require surgery to repair, my shoulder will be worked on, and trying to type much with one hand is a pain(so is shooting; yes I have been doing more one-handed practice).

So, between that then, and trying to make sure stuff in the house and yard is caught up so I don't have to worry about it then, much less typing will be done.  I did get the second part of the lube test done, I'll write that up later today.

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